Parametric Packaging

Self-service for your customer means more profits for you!

Your customers will love designing their packaging and corrugated cartons with packQ. It’s jam-packed with features for the professional designer, while enabling the novice designer to create professional-looking packaging.

You can make it even easier for your customers by configuring the packaging specs and setting parameters, such as height and width, right in the back end. If the customer designs outside these parameters, they automatically get a warning notification, preventing them from completing the design incorrectly.

As an added benefit for you, this is the perfect demo tool to use on a sales call, it’s sexy and customers love seeing how easy it is to create professional packaging.

Features include:

  • Price calculation in real time, so as parameters (like size) change, so does the price
  • 3D viewer animates the design so it can be seen from all angles and act as a real-time proof. Users can take screen clips from the 3D viewer and share with colleagues
  • Downloadable 2D die line includes everything a designer needs like cut lines, fold lines, bleeds, non print areas, and more
  • Matching the material chosen to the design shows a more accurate representation of the final product
  • Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add logos and images
  • Rotating canvas means there is no requirement to work upside down
  • Images can easily be placed on flaps, panels and overlap corners
  • When moving an overlapping image, the system automatically duplicates the image and places it in the correct position
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