Price Calculation

Price Calculation

Self-service for your customer means more profits for you!

Choose from our multiple pricing options to get quotes into your customers’ hands sooner:

  • Upload your fixed price list
  • Use our dynamic pricing
  • Combine your fixed price list with dynamic pricing
  • Configure your own pricing calculation directly into the system

To set up your fixed price list, simply export it from your MIS system and import into printQ. This can be done automatically and on a regular basis: every day or every month - whatever you choose.

Alternatively, use our dynamic price calculation, where it’s easier to make changes to pricing without having to upload a new price list every time a price changes.

With our dynamic price calculation, the customer chooses their options i.e. quantity, paper size, paper weight, etc. The final price is calculated automatically.

Alternately, combine your fixed price list – for prices that don’t change, and then add dynamic pricing for the materials – where the prices do change together you get the best of both worlds.

If this doesn’t work, you can configure your own pricing calculation directly into the system.

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