SVG Conversion


SVG Conversion Editor

Self-service for your customer means more profits for you!

Your customers will love this powerful editor that converts images into SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. This way they can stretch the file in any direction, make it any size and it won’t blur or lose pixel quality.

It’s perfect for printing on promotional items like mugs or bottles where an irregular shape is required, and they can determine the number of colors to print based on their budget. For you this eliminates the multiple quoting on one job altogether.

They start by:

  • Simply dragging and dropping the image into the editor to enable the SVG conversion
  • Define the maximum number of colors and choose the spot colors from our pantone library
  • Resize the logo or image to fit the shape you are printing on
  • Choose your background or standard color
  • Doing a quality check using the realistic 3D viewer for proofing purposes and before the print ready pdf is generated
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