Upload and Print

Upload and Print

Self-service for your customer means more profits for you!

Your customers can now configure their own job and will love getting their quote in real time, and before they generate the print ready file.

Plus basic questions like binding versus saddle stitch are part of the recommendations process so you don’t have to get involved

This means the time you would usually spend quoting projects and answering basic questions can now be devoted to driving revenue.

They start by:

  • Choosing from the pre-configured choices like paper, colors and more
  • Using the guide to help them choose the best finishing options, like saddle stitch versus binding for brochures or gluing options for packaging
  • Letting the system automatically calculate the price based on the options they chose, in real time
  • Doing a quality check using the realistic viewer for proofing purposes and before the print ready pdf is generated
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